The Dog Pound Member's Ridz
Ed Barricella's "Clean" 69 RS/SS Camaro ZZ4 !!
My 70 Mach 1 & One of My Old Rides !!
Sobers 66 GT 350 clone. Now residing in Florida !!
My Friend Jim Cogan's 69 GT
Ron Grapes' 70 Rebel Machine. A Classic & Rare Muscle Car
Billy English of Montclair P.D. graced us with his
presence  at Mickey D's in Ledgewood!
Vic & Georgette Dean's slick '56 Crown Vic/Chevy
The Rogue's Gallery!
Howard's very clean 66  !!
Johnny Grapes Shelby/Hertz GT 350H
Ron Sanna's 69 Big Block Vette !!
John Grapes 70 Rebel Machine !!
Eddy Data's Nice 07 Mustang GT
Ron Grapes 07 Sallen/Parnelli Jones Edition
George Morrison's Concourse 69 Camaro Trophy
Magnet !!
Rich Rubino's beautiful 64 Galaxie !
Jim Devaney's 68 Bullitt Mustang GT ...
with Fresh Paint !!
Joe Lounsberry's Happening 67 GTO !
Franky's  2007 PJ Edition Saleen
Dan Henry's Sweet  64 Nova SS Gasser !!
his Vintage Racing Vette !
You need Java to see this applet.
My brother Pete's New Mustang GT near his
home in Las Vegas
Dave Mooney's Jet Black 82 Vette.
Very Shiny, his car too !!!
Jim Devaney's 01 Bullitt Mustang
Lee Dixon's Perfect 68 GT 500 Shelby
The Late Pete Bilella With His 82 Vette.
We'll Miss You Pete !!
Our new friend Willy Olausson from Sweden
drives this clean 68 Ford Torino GT convertible
with a 302 and C-4 auto trans ! Willy found our
site thru a Swedish car mag which featured
Dan Henry's Gasser at the Chatterbox !!Let's all
Welcome Dog Pound Sweden ! En välkommen
gäst !
Ron Hein's 69 Firebird 400 converible.
Ron Hein's 69 Sprint Hardtop
Ron's 69 Firebird Sprint 6 cylinder convertible.
Sobz new clone gets new side stripes and a new
GT 350 style hood scoop recently !
Looks Like Sobz got a new GT to Clone Around
With In Florida !!  Congrats Buddy !!
Say Thanks to Marylin, She's Sooo Good !!
The Elusive Mercury Monterey Convertible of
Patty & Jim Stegers, of the Hampton Twp
Stegers !! Finally I found a picture in Goodguys
Gazette I could crop it from !!
Jerry C's 71 LeMans
A-OOga Man John Bosco, Alleged driver of the Lake
George Mayor in 07, and wife Maryann's 34 Ford !!
Jim Devaney adds another Bullitt to his fleet ! His
3rd Bullitt is a brand new sleek 2008 !!
Famous Lary Hogan's Corvorado on the set of The
Bamboo Shark Movie in PA. That's why he's Famous!
Bill Brownlee and his "Smokin" 72 Chevelle at the  
Hackettstown Trade Zone Auto Cruise !!
Mike Esposito and his  57 Chevy Nomad !!
Charlie Bryant and his 65 Corvette at the
Chatterbox !!
Larry says you can't have too many Corvorado's or
Pictures of them !!
Donald & Faye Chance with their Purple Passion !!
An All Around Super Chevy  !!
Dan Deitz & his 85 Corvette at the Netcong
Cruise after his recent re-paint !!
Joanie Sodano's Beautiful 65 Impala at Mickey
D's in Ledgewood Sept 2nd 2008 !
Barbara Martin's 64 Beautiful Impala at Lead
East 2008 !
Barbara Martin's "Other Half" Bob Martin with
his 61 Ford Starliner also @ Ledgewood !
Scott Levine with his sweet 68 Mustang GT
390 CI Convertible ! Very Rare !!
Vic Dean's Trophy Sled 56 Crown Vicky!!
Tom Scotto's Little Yellow Pushcart ! No really, it's in the
back of his Yellow Studey !!
Roxbury Coin's Al & his 61 T bird! Sweet!
Jim Kappen of the Mustang Club a beauty of a 67!
Smilin Lou Bravo with his Cherry 67 Chevelle !!
Earl & his great Street Rod with Custom
Sulpy Skull Ghost Flames !
Ed Barricella's other little "Knock Around" car ! His 70 Chevelle SS LS6 Motored beauty !! Soon to
reach a thousand miles since restored 11 years ago  !
John Cappelli's 73 Dart Swinger, an AT&T
Homey of mine from Putnam County, NY
JD & Peg's Chevelle
Dwayne Smith's beautiful Strawberry
56 Ford !
Don's New 2014 GT 500 Shelby.
What a beauty !!
This one is "ALIBI 2
Lou's Blown Willys Street Rod !
Sa ---weeeeet !!
Bob & Lorraine Nearpass of Belvidere's
Beautiful Ford V8 Powered 49 Jeepster
Greg Crawford and his "Elite" 93 Mustang !!
John Tisori with his 70 Pro Street Chevelle !!
My old Friend Ray Ferrante and his 61 Fuelie
Corvette !!
Larry Hoover's seldom seen but very sweet 58 Bel
Aire Coupe with 327 engine ! And it's for sale  !
My Good Neighbor George Fenske just picked up
this sweet 49 Jeepster, Taking Lois for ice cream ?
2 Drop's first 72
Chevelle !! Easy to see
where he gets his
prodigous style sense
from !!
Note the fuzzy velour
dash rug and the
flames on the sides !!
Saaaa-weeet !!
Ahead of his time !
Charlie Bryant gets a 3 for 1 Photo Spread with his 3 Vettes !!
Where's the Mustang Charlie ??
Walt Sevensky's 72 Chevelle Drop-Top !
Ken Smith's "Carolina Crusher" 55 Chevy is
back in Jersey !!
Ed William's New Coupe just in from Pennsy !!
Sweet ride !
Ken of Karl's Auto Body & his straight, sweet 67
Chevelle SS 396 !!
Vinnie "BoomBatz" Lipari & his Cherry(No
really, the color!) 65 Grand Prix ! Nice Car Vin !!
Bob Wagner and son with their absolutely perfect
Chevelle SS ragtop ! Eat yer heart out 2 Drop !!
Dennis Kannaley and his beauty of a Deuce !!
And his Beauty of a wife lets him keep it, Great Gal !
Our Newest Doggy, Steve Grand and his
Supercharged 2008 Mustang GT, Sweet ride !!
Looks like we may have to
open a new Dog Pound
Chapter !
How does "Dog Pound South
Central" Sound ?? "Dog
Pound Of The Carolina's" ??
Anyway, Ken Smith asked us
to post his 80-ish Vette for his
friend Art Rahtes in
Mooresville, North Carolina.
He's been adopted into the
Pound with the rest of us !!
Don Wilson, retired Navy,! This car is Plated
Our Famous "Hook Up" Artist, Ron Ketch of Ron & Son's Towing with his
equally Famous "Transformer" 57 Chevy !
Great Car Ron !!
Ed Stevens with his almost completed long term restoration of his 55 Chevy !
As soon a the interior is done, we'll have an "Unveiling" on this website !
So Far, So Good Ed !!
Our Man Derek C. of Landing with his Lamborghini Murciélago !!
Well, One day it'll be his !
You keep working hard in school & it will be yours !
Rick Johnson's "32" 5 window Deuce Coupe gracing the Center
Stage at the Chatterbox in Augusta, NJ ! He says it beats Dennis K's
Coupe all day long !! We'll see what Dennis has to say about that !
Gloria's Super Silver 81 Vette
That's all I got, sorry !! !!
Franky's New 69 Z/28 Camaro
Ron's 69 Trans Am Firebird ! A bird of rare plummage !!
I'm sensing a pattern here !!
My good friend Ann Jarvis Stone's hot new Mid Life Crisis 1974 VW Bug !!
That's OK Ann, Dave loves it too..... even if it isn't a Mustang !!