The Fonz Does the Chatterbox !
The Wanderers say it is "Soooo Cooool" !
Henry Winkler, "The Fonz" from Happy Days & Children's Book
Author was a huge hit at the Chatterbox 31 July 2010
Henry was very graciuos with everyone who stood in the 2 + hour
line ! He took lots of time with every fan !!
Doc South did an "On Air" interview while our own Ed & Ronnie
Data of the Dog Pound spent some quality time with Fonzarelli !!
Ed Williams and Jim Stegers of the Wanderers provided some
serious muscle for The Fonz's Security detail !
appearance at the Chatterbox, must have been over 600 other cars!
Thanks to Don & the Wanderers for putting on such a great event !!